Legendary Taste Which Has Not Changed for 163 Years!

Until the 1850s, meat dishes were cooked as horizontal grill or twist. Then, the famous kebab master Hamdi Usta from Kastamonu went into a different search and began to cook the horizontally cooked meat vertically by putting the meat on top of one another. Thus, "Döner Kebap" was invented by turning the kebab facing the vertical rotisserie around and cutting it thinly. This meal, which was previously known as "döner kebap" in public language, has nowadays been recognized simply as "döner" and has become world food. "What gives the flavor to döner is the quality of the meat and it is the skill of the experienced masterchef to cook it thoroughly." It is Hamdi Usta from Kastamonu, who is the inventor of döner in 1850s. Hamdi Usta, who became a recognized name thanks to the food (döner) he invented and the generations he grew up, brought this taste to daylight.

Döner Must Not Be Kept Long Time in Front of Fire!

Our most important feature is that the prepared döner is not kept waiting in front of the fire. At least twice a day by putting fresh döner on the rotisserie, we offer to our customers delicious and healthy döner which is not kept waiting in front of fire.

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